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name: Laura
bands you like: Death Cab For Cutie, caP'n Jazz, Bright Eyes, The Blood Brothers, Matt Pond PA, Alexisonfire, The Stills, Sunny Day Real Estate, The Bled & Cursive. I'll leave it at 10.
songs you like: Solid Jackson by Bright Eyes, USA Nails & Rats and Rats and Rats for Candy by The Blood Brothers, Greater Omaha by Desaparecidos, Vapour Trail by Ride, Photobooth & Song For Kelly Huckaby & Styrofoam Plates by Death Cab For Cutie (+ the entire Transatlanticism CD), Brand New Colony & Natural Anthem by The Postal Service, You Know Whose Seatbelt by The Bled and The entire Analphabetapolothology album by caP'n jazz.
anything else we should know about you?: Not really
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